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Why Give?

One reason people give is it actually makes us feel good. The knowledge that you’re helping others is hugely empowering and, in turn, can make you feel happier and more fulfilled. Besides the selfish reason of making us feel better, a widely cited feeling of social conscience was the primary reason most give to charity. Whatever type of charity work they supported, 96% of people said they felt they had a moral duty to use what they had to help others – a sentiment very much rooted in their personal values and principles. Moreover, the world has changed since the Pandemic. It has encouraged many of us to take a closer look at our local communities and to consider how we can make a difference. Giving to charity, and particularly locally, can be a powerful way to invest in the people and places that make up our everyday lives.

What Do We Accept?

  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Handbags & Jewelry
  • Linens & Bedding
  • Collectibles
  • Books & Art
  • Sporting Goods
  • Furniture
  • Kitchenware
  • Mattresses
  • TVs & Electronics
  • Small Appliances
  • Video Game Consoles & Toys
  • Power Tools

What Do You Do With My Donation?

All proceeds from the sale of your items will be used to fund our operations with 100% of surplus monies going to charities supporting Animal Rescue, with our primary charity being SAFAS, Frontier Animal Society Shelter. After we receive your donation, we sort all items we receive, and sell them to thrift stores, wholesalers and exporters. Unsellable items will be sent to a recycling center or used for shop towels.

What is Clothing Donations Near Me's Home Pick Up Service?

To make the donation process simple and stress-free, Clothing Donations Near Me offers a service to pick up donations directly from the donors’ homes. When it comes time to donate, schedule a home pick up online through our website. From there, simply place your donations outside in a visible spot from the road, and we’ll swing by to pick them up!

How do I schedule a home pick up?

The scheduling process is easy. Simply head to our website and schedule a pick up. You can even do it on this page! We will pick up your donation after 7am, Thursday to Sunday.

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Note: If your donation includes 50lbs of clothing, we will pick up almost everything. However, larger items are subject to driver discretion. Items requiring more than one person to lift cannot be picked up without your assistance. Apparel should be free of rips, tears or stains, and laundered.