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In the process of decluttering your wardrobe for donation, consider items to keep, those to donate, and those in poor condition to discard. Prioritize donating clean, gently used, and hole-free clothes for a more meaningful contribution. Let go of items you haven't worn in years, those that no longer fit, and those incompatible with your current lifestyle. Deciding to donate and deciding what to donate are two completely different things. Don’t worry, though. We have some tips on how to decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to toss.

Step 1: Make three piles of clothes
When going through all your clothes, it’s best to create three separate piles: what you need to keep, what you want to donate, and what is in such bad condition that it’s not worth donating and should just be thrown in the trash. It can make the process much less overwhelming.

Step 2: Try to only donate clothes that are clean, hole-free, and gently used
While some clothes donation organizations will take just about anything, it’s best to give them only the stuff that is wearable. The people getting the donations will appreciate them much more if they are clean, free of holes, and only slightly used.

Step 3: Check to see what the organization will take
Before you go to drop-off at your donation or have your donation picked up, make sure to check what the organization takes. Not every organization near you may take shoes or certain types of clothing. It will save time if you know beforehand what to bring and what to leave behind.

Step 4: If you’ve had it for a few years and haven’t worn it, donate it
If you’ve had something for more than a year or two and there are no occasions coming up for that piece of clothing, donate it. It’s clear you don’t love it as much as you thought you would. Donate it, and hopefully, someone else will fall in love with it.

Step 5: If it’s too big or too small, donate it
You also only want to keep things that fit you now. Having clothing in your closet that doesn’t fit you takes up much-needed space (in moving boxes and in your new home). Give it to a clothing donation organization near you and buy smaller or bigger clothes when you need them.

Step 6: Does it fit your current lifestyle?
Does that mini skirt still make sense with your 9–5 daily grind? Are you ever going to wear that Hawaiian shirt again? If something no longer fits your current lifestyle or personal style, donate it! Most likely, it will just spend time in your closet at your new home if you don’t. Donating it will free up some space for you and the item might be the perfect thing for someone else.


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The bottom line
If you’re planning on sorting through your closet before your big move, the charities we’ve covered (or one you find on your own) will certainly benefit from your clothing donations. You won’t regret the donation — and you definitely won’t regret having a clean and organized closet once you’re done.

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